I’m a huge fan of This American Life. Now that it’s on TV, it’s interesting to see how the pictures I see when I listen to the radio compare to the pictures I see when I watch the show on cable TV. There was an interesting story in in the NYT’s Arts section story when the radio show premiered on Showtime 03/22/2007. This story also suggests a primer on how to think in several dimensions at once for new media.

Are there pictures in your head…
when you hear these sounds?

You can listen to 2 of my audio stories.
The Price of Heroism TRT: 07.55 (5.4 Mb).
Snow Storm TRT: 01.59 (2.7 Mb).

Here are some links for Photographers entering the world of Audio.
A Tutorial from SoundPortraits on how to record a radio doc
Transom: an amazing radio website. Here’s the tools section
Another Jay Allison tutorial on Interviewing.
Brain Storm of Media Storm on Gathering Audio Content

Sound Slides
Soundslides software – “Ridiculously simple storytelling” with a great FAQ too.
Poynter Institute interview with Joe Weiss, the creator of Soundslides.

A start on Multimedia Storytelling:
The trailblazer is still Media Storm by Brian Storm
The WashingtonPost.com is fueled by my mentor Tom Kennedy. The recent
OnBeing is neat. Read what the new generation of journalists are doing and thinking on the WashintonPost.com’s Visual Journalists Blog. One of their best visual journalists is Travis Fox. Here is his work from Darfur, and a panoramaic wonder from Aceh.
A guide to shooting good video from the BBC.
From Magnum, the prestigious photo agency comes Magnum in Motion and Magnum Blog.

Now a few Soundslides from some of the clever and talented students I had the pleasure to teach
Ohio University Freshman Emily Metzger’s fashion & music.
Ohio University Sophmore Dustin Finkelstein’s story about John Coppinger, father of two, friend to a thousand.
University of North Carolina Senior Alison Yin, who won first place in individual multimedia category in the College Photographer of the Year for Down at the Barber Shop. Alison has a portfolio blog too.

OK, Let’s think backwards for a moment.
What happens when This American Life, the amazing audio storytelling show, decides to add pictures? Here’s the trailer:

I can’t resist another one.

PDF’s that you can download
Sound in the Story: Balancing the Tools in New Media Journalism by J. Carl and Eileen Ganter.
Bob Sacha’s Print portfolio

And here’s a clip from my favorite radio show Radio Lab where “… science bumps into culture… information sounds like music.” This short clip is an example of how a boring question can come alive with sound.

And finally, prepare to be amazed by the power of new media:
Medecins Sans Frontieres and five photographers from the VII photo Agency travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo for The Forgotten War
Their Circular Life from Italy.
Ecotonoha, a virtual tree from Japan.

Thanks for not throwing any solid food.

Please feel free to post comments below.


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