I’ve been an alternate judge this weekend for BOP, so I’ve stepped in when one of the judges has a conflict in the form of pages from their publication rising to the top of the list. Thus far that’s been Elizabeth Krist, a picture editor at National Geographic or William Snyder, the former Director of Photography (and 4 time Pulitzer prize winner) at the Dallas Morning News. The other two judges are Bonnie Jo Mount from Hampton University and John Glen from the Atlanta Constitution.

It’s been a sobering experience: if your visual “sweater” has a loose thread in the form of weak or extra images in a picture page, layout or spread, these clever and perceptive folks will find it and quickly unravel it. The results will be posted here.


When I’m not judging, I’ve been been shooting video and bugging the judges to see what they’re thinking.


In a NYTimes review of James Nachtwey’s NYC show, a rumination on the potential power of photography to change the world.


Oz at night

March 22, 2007

Thinking about Bernice Abbott  makes me nostalgic for NYC…


SU’s reichstag?

March 22, 2007

Was not this070321usny_05.png frat row? It’s funny what memory–or time–can do to perception.

Oz by day

March 22, 2007


where IS my bag?

March 22, 2007


Window seat_LGA_SYR

March 22, 2007

070320usny_25.pngWindow Seat


March 19, 2007

The Seeing With Photography Collective is a New York based group of photographers that I’m following for my Ohio University Master’s Project. I worked on this flash website prototype with fellow class members Chad Stevens and Tiffany Richter.

Eyes All Around

March 16, 2007

Everyone in New York is constantly looking, even the kitchen counter.
Eyes All Around

Seeing Again

March 16, 2007

Last night I took the bus in from the airport (new financial mentality) and as it went across 125th street in Harlem, I got all teary eyed. So many different types of people: an elderly turned-out black woman with a cane that had a lions’s head carved on the handle (complete with a marble in its mouth); a white girl talking on her cell phone (“whaddup?” she said.); a guy with a tee shirt with pictures of the Vice and Prez: Dumb and Dumber and a young attractive family from South America clutching their luggage, the boy wide eyed as their friend gave them a running commentary in Spanish. Got off that bus, walked past the Apollo theatre and at the next bus bus stop there was a record store blaring a tribute to James Brown and a soul food restaurant ($4.95…all meat $5.99) that really smelled good. I almost cried.