Six Billion

April 18, 2007

6million_011.png 6 Million Others is an amazing new multimedia presentation from French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


New York media is abuzz today with the launch of the CondeNast’s website for the publishing companies latest, long awaited business magazine called Portfolio.

There’s lots of cool multimedia content including infographics and video.


Since Conde Nast has some of the most successful — and profitable — magazine launches of the past few years, no wonder everyone sits up and looks (and listens and watches.)

In a brave new world of multimedia journalism, the award-winning Visual Communication School at Ohio University led by Brian Storm of and Zach Wise of asks the question: What is the soul of the 200-year-old community of Athens, Ohio?

Athens soul is restless. Its stories lie beneath the bricks, waiting to be exposed. Precariously balanced on the tip of cosmopolitan Appalachia, its uninhibited subcultures test the bounds of predictability.


Go to, tell us what you think the soul of Athens is. Come back May 28th and see what we discover.

Here bop.png is a short multimedia piece produced with my fellow OU grad students about the BOP picture editing contest. It was expertly stitched together by my multi-talented colleague, friend, fellow grad student and multimedia wizard Chad Stevens. I shot most of the video when I wasn’t acting as an alternate judge.

Soul of Athens

April 9, 2007

I’m working on a big multimedia web project here at Ohio University (in Athens, Ohio): we’re trying to illustrate the “Soul of Athens.” My teacher and colleague Zach Wise shot the first promo. What’s really cool is that he used a simple point-and-shoot still camera set on video mode. He recorded the sound separately and used loops to create the soundtrack. Watch for Soul of Athens to launch on 05.28.2007. Details to come.

Domestic Landscapes

April 9, 2007

For the past decade, the Dutch photographer Bert Teunissen has travelled Europe photographing people in their houses using natural window light that seems borrowed from a Vermeer painting. He says he’s hoping to archive a way of life that “fated to disappear as a consequence not only of architectural standardization but also of social displacement and shifts in public opinion about life and how it should be lived,” according to an interview in the NYTimes. Perhaps he’s trying to recapture the lost world of his youth in a series of photos he calls teunissen.png
Domestic Landscapes.