It must be true

August 31, 2009

Of course the camera never lies…

I believe everything I read and see in the papers too….


…from Louis Vuitton, a fashion company!?

The story of three American astronauts talk about their adventures in space. Check out the multiple camera view. Listen to the very well written questions and see the interesting stories they elicit.



August 23, 2009

I like to think that all great photos have both great light and great moments. But what IS a moment? Here’ s a wonderful short film about that idea from director/editor Will Hoffman shot by Julius Metoyer III. Super sweet!!!


August 15, 2009

Is a very powerful thing in the hands of Muzorama.

Story in a Single Shot

August 8, 2009

As a still photographer, the challenge is to tell the story in a single photograph. It’s a little more complicated when you get to moving images but here’s a nice version of a 5 minute history story in a single unbroken film shot. OK, it’s for whiskey but it’s still engaging. Robert Carlyle is the actor and Jamie Rafn is the director.

The Cove

August 6, 2009

Louis Psihoyos and I were photographer’s together at Fortune Magazine and also National Geographic Magazine. He’d gone quiet for a time but now I see what he’s been up to: The Cove.I call it a brilliant documentary; a friend called it an advocacy movie with a sense of humor. Make a difference and go see it. The trailer here is brilliant too.