(Edu, as in edu-cation)

In 2006-2007 I taught two quarters of photography to undergrads at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication as part of my Knight Fellowship.

To all the talented students whom I had the pleasure of meeting, thanks for making my teaching experience such a joy and wonder.


I’ll let you in on a secret to success as a professional photographer:
Keep making photographs, all the time, every day.

Make it a part of your life.
Even if you don’t have any photo classes next quarter,

– create self-assignments,

-create a photo diary

-make a blog (like this one. It’s free),

-come show me what you’re working on. I love to look at pictures.

Competition is fierce. If you’re making photographs all the time, it’ll be a lot easier once you hit the real world.

I kept a few of my favorite multimedia presentations from those great students. Wish I could have kept them all but my personal server space is getting to be a crowded place;)



SHAENA MALLETT: Fashion Phobia

EMILY METZGER: Desired Addiction

Thanks again and keep in touch.

Bob Sacha


4 Responses to “Edu”

  1. I think it is great how you put all of our projects up here! Thanks for being a great teacher this quarter and last quarter. I enjoyed your class very much. I will deffinatly stop by your office and keep you updated on things I am working on. And thanks for the recommendation for Scotland!

  2. Had a GREAT quarter in your class. I’ll be sure to keep in touch and I’ll try to photograph more people…and nature of course!

  3. Sophie Borazanian said

    Hey Bob! Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate how much you have taught me this year. I loved having you as a teacher. By the way I like your blog. Have fun in New York City!

  4. Katie Gascoine said

    Thanks so much for putting all the projects up here Bob! Thanks also for being an awesome teacher this past quarter! :o)

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