power of time

December 31, 2007

My friend and OU grad school classmate Tim Gruber has an interesting and opinionated blog.

As part of an exercise in our video class, we had to post our favorite movie. He chose this film from YouTube, which asks: If you had the power to turn back time, would it be a good thing?

See ya all in the New Year!!!


one square at a time

December 24, 2007

I wandered into the Peer Gallery to see Christopher Rauschenberg’s show called “Daily Life” and liked it a lot.

I also jotted down Portland Grid Project on the exhibition card to check out later.

For that project, photographers have spent more than nine years (1996-2005) systematically documenting Portland, Oregon. Now, with some new faces and perspectives, they continue in Round Two.

Using a map of Portland divided into grid squares a mile and a half on a side, each month they photograph the same randomly picked square, using a variety of films and formats. At the end of the month, they meet to look at everyones photos. They’ve created a complex, detailed urban portrait, consisting of about 20,000 images of Portland, its land forms, architecture, people, residential neighborhoods, industrial sites, waterways, parks, and sometimes just a shadow or the look of fallen leaves on a newly mowed lawn.


on the right track

December 19, 2007

David Kessler has been making short (2-3 minutes) video stories about the characters he’s found underneath the Philadelphia EL (that’s the ELevated subway tracks in Philadelphia, PA.) This year-long documentary project, Shadow World, which started as a video blog, has hit 25 epidsodes and has grown into an exhibit and installation in a Philadelphia gallery.

He started it all by just paying attention to the people he saw on his daily walks in the neighborhood. You can read the details in this cover story in the Philadelphia Weekly.


my new life

December 9, 2007

I’ve joined the Emmy and Webby award winning multimedia production studio MediaStorm as a multimedia producer.

And I am psyched!


the boy in the moon

December 9, 2007

Another amazing multimedia presentation from the Toronto Globe and Mail, The Boy in the Moon is a brutally honest long form attempt by writer Ian Brown to understand his profoundly handicapped 11 year-old son, Walker.


My hat is off to the Toronto Globe and Mail for funding these long term, long form documentary projects. When will more newspapers start doing the same?

one hundred young americans

December 2, 2007

This year-long project represents photographer Michael Franzini’s 30,000-mile journey in search of what it truly means to be a teenager in this hyper-connected, media-driven society. It’s a book, a blog, a website and a series of stills and video portraits.