one square at a time

December 24, 2007

I wandered into the Peer Gallery to see Christopher Rauschenberg’s show called “Daily Life” and liked it a lot.

I also jotted down Portland Grid Project on the exhibition card to check out later.

For that project, photographers have spent more than nine years (1996-2005) systematically documenting Portland, Oregon. Now, with some new faces and perspectives, they continue in Round Two.

Using a map of Portland divided into grid squares a mile and a half on a side, each month they photograph the same randomly picked square, using a variety of films and formats. At the end of the month, they meet to look at everyones photos. They’ve created a complex, detailed urban portrait, consisting of about 20,000 images of Portland, its land forms, architecture, people, residential neighborhoods, industrial sites, waterways, parks, and sometimes just a shadow or the look of fallen leaves on a newly mowed lawn.



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