credit where credit is due

September 22, 2007

Until now, Gerda Taro has been remembered as Robert Capa’s girlfriend. 70 years after her death Ms. Taro, seen by many as the first woman known to photograph a battle from the front lines and to die covering a war,is getting her work seen in a show at ICP opening this week.

Accoreding to this story in the NYTimes, some of Taro’s photos were published under Capa’s byline. The paper says: “With the I.C.P. show, “we’re trying to redress the crimes of history,” Ms. Lubben said. “A lot of it has to do with being in the shadow of this man, whose career was so renowned. And part of the reason she is lost to history is people don’t know what photos she took,” she said, noting the frequent errors of attribution of Ms. Taro’s work.”

Here’s a slideshow of Taro’s work from the NYT.


One Response to “credit where credit is due”

  1. Tom White said

    I went to see the ICP exhibition today. My thoughts: Taro – who I admittedly had never heard of before – is/was a much more visually complex photographer. The photographs on display were at least as informative as Capa’s and her work seems to me much ‘better’ composed and perhaps more meditative.

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