China, mon amour

August 26, 2007

Sunday’s New York Times hit my doorstep with a major package on China’s pollution crisis, headlined with a huge photo stretching across 4/5 of the top front page.

What caught my eye was a prominent notice under that Chang Lee photo that read: This series, with extensive multimedia features, can be found at

Well, I finished my coffee, pushed aside the rest of the paper and rushed right over to my computer to find a juicy online package with a beautiful slideshow by NYT staffer Chang Lee, a small uncredited video complete with the excruciating Times reporter as badly lit talking head –god sakes, I want to see China, not some American talking to me with books behind him. I can get that in my own living room– and interactive graphic/map. You can even hear a summary of the story read to you in Mandarin.

At least check out the slideshow in full screen mode.


[I did a similar story for National Geographic Magazine in 2004, in the age before multimedia.]


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