Visual Story Telling with Audio class

June 24, 2007

Last month I spent a week at the SantaFe (New Mexico) Photo Workshops, teaching a new class: Visual Storytelling with Audio.

The nine students ranged from professional photographers to fine artists to teachers to advanced amateurs. It was a great group and they worked long hours using the Zoom H4 recorder and AudioTechnica mics, Audacity, IView Media Pro and Soundslides Plus in addition to their digital still cameras.

In a single day, they each recorded, photographed, edited, mixed and output a multimedia show. Then they did a new piece the next day. Then for the third time, another new piece in a single day. Their heads must have been spinning but each piece got better and better.

Here’s a QuickTime movie of our final presentation and a cool frame from that movie..

And here are two of my favorite pieces from the final presentation:
Rick Scibelli’s Final Spring and Julie Skarratt’s In This Moment.

(Thanks to Joe Weiss for letting us use SoundSlides Plus, his new supercharged –and very cool– version of the classic media production tool that makes slide shows simple and now creates work that looks more and more like you’ve slaved away in Final Cut Pro )


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