Buying the War

May 5, 2007

Bill Moyers (PBS) had a rock’em-sock’em program looking at American Journalism and how it helped the Bush Administration rush to war in Iraq.

Oh, you missed it on TV? Me too…but you can see every second of the show on the web. BTW, Moyers and PBS have been moving a lot of their content to the web.

Spoiler warning: no one comes out unscathed.



One Response to “Buying the War”

  1. mksmith said

    hey, we had to watch most of this in my ethics class on thursday. i’ll admit my eyes closed for a few moments, but lets blame that on video class. my professor said the administration should win an award for selling their message….then he got very upset that what they sold was false. he said that was the ethical problem with what they did. “it was false.”

    the doc was well edited….

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